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Gripper ProductsGripper Products offers two prizes within the Book Adventure prize library:

Nessie and the Living Stone

Nessie and the Living Stone is a chapter book for 8 - 12 year olds. Craig's family, including his bratty little sister Linda, are on holiday at Loch Ness. There's Roy, the obnoxious Loch Ness Coast Guard, who wants to capture Nessie, stuff her and put her in a museum. There's Mrs. Carmichael, who runs the Bed and Breakfast where Craig's family is staying. She recognizes a blue stone that Craig found, and calls it a living stone. And there's Nessie herself, guarding her secret realm at the bottom of the loch. But the door to her magical chamber came loose in a recent earthquake. Craig will face Vikings and a treacherous mermaid before his final decision -- is it worth risking his life to save the Loch Ness Monster?

Reluctant Spy

Timmy and Grandma train a pet rat Hildegarde to discover who or what is causing earthquakes in town. Along the way they meet a mysterious German rat trainer, a crazy inventor, an FBI agent who specializes in aliens, and a girl who is always eating chocolates out of heart-shaped boxes. There's no time to lose. The rat learns everything except how to press toggle switches. Timmy, the chocolate-eating girl and Hildegarde sneak into the crazy inventor's laboratory and discover the earthquake machine in action. Timmy gets trapped in the machine. The girl can't reach the switch. Hildegarde can, but she doesn't know how to press toggle switches. The chocolate-eating girl throws a candy onto the switch, suddenly making it into a brown button, and Hildegarde saves the day.