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Meet the Book Adventure Mascots

Rex Reader | Bailey Bookmark | Shelley Story

Who is Rex Reader?

Rex Reader is the senior tour guide here at Book Adventure. Because he’s had a few centuries to read some of the best children’s books ever written, he’s an expert at helping kids create their own reading adventure!

Occupation: Professor
Favorite Book: "Danny and the Dinosaur Go to Camp" by Syd Hoff
Favorite Pastime: Juggling
Favorite Sports Team: Baltimore Orioles

Bailey Bookmark Potrait

Who is Bailey Bookmark?

Bailey Bookmark became Book Adventure’s in-house vocabulary expert by reading everything he could get his paws on!

Occupation: Online English teacher
Favorite Book: "The Daring Rescue of Marlon the Swimming Pig" by Gail Owens
Favorite Pastime: Building his vocabulary. Bailey can bark in 14 languages!
Favorite Sport: Diving

Shelley Story Potrait

Who is Shelley Story?

Shelley Story is the newest addition to the Book Adventure team. She is a true book worm and can’t wait to help kids learn to love reading as much as she does!

Occupation: Book Editor
Favorite Book: "Charlotte’s Web" by E.B. White
Favorite Pastime: Traveling with her family to visit sites where her favorite authors created their literary classics.
Favorite Sport: Gymnastics

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