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What You Need to Know About Prizes

At Book Adventure, reading is rewarding! Within the Prize Library, kids can search for a prize they’d like to win or exchange points for a prize they’ve earned by reading books and answering quiz questions correctly. All prizes are generously provided by Book Adventure’s sponsors.

Prize Approval Process

When a student has earned enough points for the prize of their choice, they request the prize by clicking on the “I want to get this prize” button located on the prize description page. Once a prize is requested, the child’s parent or teacher will be notified via email so the prize can be approved. Parents and teachers can approve or deny any of these requests.

Once approved, a student can claim their prize by logging in to their Book Adventure account and viewing the prize status page. Depending on the prize, the student will be able to either directly print the prize or a prize certificate that must be mailed away to the prize sponsor.

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