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How to Register for Book Adventure

Getting started with Book Adventure is easy, fast, and secure. If this is your first time visiting the site, you and your child simply need to register as a new reader! You can register as a:

  • Home Student
  • School Student
  • Parent
  • Educator

What’s the difference between school and home student accounts?

A school student account connects your child with his or her teacher. Your child’s teacher will provide a class name to enter when registering with Book Adventure. The teacher is responsible for approving prizes, but parents can view the student’s progress as well!

A home student account connects your child to your parent account. Parents can view the student’s quiz history, point totals, and approve the student’s prize requests.

Note: To receive prizes, your child’s account must be connected with a teacher account or a parent account so that we can obtain permission for all prize requests.

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