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Sections of the Book Adventure Site

Kid's Zone | Parent's Place | Teacher's Lounge

What is the Kid’s Zone?

The Kid’s Zone is a fun-filled place where kids can boost their reading skills! Here you will find a number of great tools and resources, including:

  • Book Finder: Find a book by author, title, ISBN, grade level and/or area of interest (science fiction, poetry, action & adventure, etc.).
  • Fun & Games: Get free, printable stuff, fun games and cool tools that make reading really fun!
  • Prize Library: See all of the prizes that can be redeemed with the points earned from taking quizzes.

What is the Parent’s Place ?

When you visit Parent's Place, you can monitor your child's reading progress, track quiz results, approve your child’s prize selection and help your child find the next book to read. We’ve also provided a number of valuable resources you can use to help motivate your child to read. Our goal is to empower you with fun ideas, informative articles and the online tools you need to build your child’s reading skills and confidence!

What is the Teacher’s Lounge ?

Visit the Teacher’s Lounge for free tools and tips to help your students learn to love reading! In the Teacher’s Lounge, you’ll find the following helpful, time-saving features – just for teachers:

  • Find a book: Search for books or create a booklist for your students.
  • Prize Library: Create a prize for your classroom or approve prizes your students have earned.
  • My Classroom: Keep track of all the students in your classrooms, create contests and teams, develop quizzes and reading reminders for students and more!
  • Reports: View reading reports and create letters you can send to your parents to highlight a student’s reading progress.
  • Quizzes: Find and preview a quiz or view samples of reading quizzes.

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