Create Your Own Reading Challenge

Some kids love reading and will just pick up a book on their own. Others need some encouragement. A reading challenge can help motivate all readers to:

  • Read for fun
  • Enjoy reading more
  • Overcome reading obstacles
  • Find more time to read.

A reading challenge can also encourage teachers and parents to read to their children and to encourage children to read to each other. A reading challenge can be run as a fundraiser or just a way to motivate kids to read more. 

You set the parameters and time frame, and students can then choose books from the book finder. It can be a contest in the classroom, a club, a book group, a community or even in your own home.  You can schedule kickoff events or finale events.  Your imagination is your limit.

Book Adventure's reading challenge section can help you track the points kids earn. Log in or register for Book Adventure and start a contest today!