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These great games make learning fun. Invite your parents to play with you!

Online Games
Play & learn with these games from

2Bee or Nottoobee
What's the buzz about being?

Grammar Gorillas
Monkey around with your grammar skills.

Infoplease Word of the Day
Strengthen your vocabulary.

MadLibs Junior
Write your own crazy story.

Paint by Idioms
Add color to your language.

The Plural Girls
Help the kitties pop the bubbles.

Always I place mis my letters.
Spell Check
Something is wrong with one of these words.

Hop on the misspelled word.

Stay Afloat
Don't get soaked by the wrong word.

The Translator Alligator
How do you say boca grande?

What's the Word?
Read new words.

Word Confusion
Do you know the difference between these words?

Word Turtle
Make your own word search puzzles.

Printable Games

Book Adventure CheckerboardEnjoy these printable games and signs from Book Adventure. Print one now, no points required.

To print each game, open the game by clicking on the game's title and then use your browser's print option. Use your browser's back button to return to this page to find more games!

Book Adventure Checkerboard
Challenge a fellow reader to an after school game of checkers with your one-of-a-kind Book Adventure checkerboard! Playing checkers keeps you thinking and on your toes when you're taking a break from reading books!

Book Adventure Fortune Teller
Once cut out, this mild-mannered square folds into an amazing fortune-telling game! Have tons of fun telling your friends what the future holds for them by asking a question and then opening your Book Adventure Fortune Teller to the mystery answer!

Character Masks - Mask of Bailey Bookmark | Mask of Rex Reader
Cut along the dotted lines to make your Bailey Bookmark and Rex Reader masks! When your friends look your way, they'll see not you but either the toothy canine grin of Bailey Bookmark or the smiling dinosaur face of Rex Reader!

Do Not Disturb Signs - Bailey’s Do Not Disturb Sign | Rex’s Do Not Disturb Sign
Ever been ready to dig yourself into a hole? Or need some privacy to finish that last book on your reading list? When you want some time to yourself, hang Rex or Bailey's Do Not Disturb sign on your door to send the message!

Learn to Draw Bailey Bookmark
Follow these easy steps to expertly draw the toothy canine grin of Bailey Bookmark!

Mystifying Magic Trick
It may not look like much yet ... but use this to amaze your friends, fool your foes, and even trick your parents! All this with your Book Adventure magic trick!

Paper Airplanes - Phonics Phantom Paper Airplane | Reading Rocket Paper Airplane
Scout out enemy territory, sail the seven seas, or just get your friend's attention with these cool paper airplanes. Each comes printed with our Book Adventure design; take them with you on your own adventures!

Tic Tack Toe Game Board
Rex and Bailey challenge you to a game of tic tack toe! Print it out to play against a friend when you’re in between books, killing time on a rainy day, or just hanging out!

Word Searches - Bailey’s Big Word Search | Rex’s Radical Word Search
If you like mysteries and detective stories, you'll love playing sleuth to find the hidden words in these game. Bailey and Rex each made their own versions; see if you can find all the Book Adventure words and names!